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BJCC Hebrew Sunday School is exclusively for Jewish children ages 6-12 years who are in public schools. Our curriculum offers Hebrew reading, Jewish history, Jewish holidays, prayers, songs, and customs. Our program is fun, caring and run by devoted and loving teachers.

Every Sunday 10:00am - 12:30pm

60-05 Woodhaven Blvd, Elmhust, NY 11373

For inquiries: 

Rabbi David:   347.690.5701

Rebbetzin Chani:   347.770.3584

Rabbi Shushan
First Grader

Hebrew Reading

BJCC Sunday School teaches Jewish children to read Hebrew, helping them connect with their cultural roots. Our commitment to this endeavor ensures a positive impact on the next generation.

Mother and Baby Lighting a Menorah

Jewish Holidays

We teach children about Jewish holidays to help them learn about important traditions and celebrations in the Jewish religion. Each holiday is celebrated in a fun and meaningful way,

Girl Painting in Art Class

Arts and Crafts

We make teaching Jewish laws, customs, and traditions fun and engaging by incorporating arts and crafts activities that allow children to express their creativity while learning about their cultural and religion.

Prayer at the Western Wall

Jewish History

Teaching children about Jewish history helps them learn about the Jewish culture and its important events, so they can understand different parts of the world's history and people better.

Synagogue Stained Glass

Jewish Values

We instill core Jewish values in children to help them embrace principles of compassion, justice, and community. We teach through example, as well as lessons of the Torah.

Male Teacher Playing Guitar


We use songs, especially those related to holidays and prayers, to make learning about Jewish traditions enjoyable and memorable for children, creating a deeper connection to their faith and culture.

Reading Bible


Teaching Jewish prayers and their meanings helps children establish a meaningful connection with their religion and traditions. Each child learns prayers based on their own level.

Talit and Torah

Laws and Customs

Teaching Jewish laws and customs to children helps them understand and appreciate the religious framework that guides Jewish daily life and rituals, fostering a sense of identity and connection to their heritage.

sunday school

Caring Teachers

Our teachers are professional educators with many years of experience with children of all ages and Jewish backgrounds. Your children will be presented with Jewish education tailored to their level of knowledge and tradition.

School Supply

Chani Shushan


Rabbi Shushan

Rabbi David Shushan

Financial and Registration Director

School classroom

Rachel Gutenberg

Judaic Teacher


Parent Information

Student Information

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Registration is $500 per child per year

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