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Bet din

בית דין צדק
BJCC Beit Din

The Beit Din of BJCC is a full service mediation and arbitration organization that handles dispute resolution with confidentiality.


For appointments call: 347.690.5701

Bet Din

Marriage & Divorce (Get)

BJCC Beth Din facilitates Jewish divorces using the Get procedure, ensuring that it is conducted with sensitivity and compassion. They uphold the dignity of all participants and strictly adhere to the highest standards of Jewish law to guarantee the widespread recognition of Gittin conducted under their guidance. Additionally, the Beth Din plays an active role in resolving situations where spouses may be hesitant or unwilling to give or receive a Get.

Business Arbitration (Din Torah)

The Beth Din regularly acts as an arbitrator in a diverse range of disputes within the Jewish community, encompassing matters of varying monetary value. These cases span across commercial disputes, involving issues such as employment conflicts, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate conflicts, and contractual breaches, as well as communal disputes like disagreements within congregations and disputes involving rabbinic contracts. Additionally, familial disputes, including those related to family businesses, inheritances, and matrimonial matters, are also within their purview. These cases are typically heard by a panel of three dayanim, though occasionally just one dayan presides, with their decisions guided by Jewish legal principles and customs.

Jewish Status Determination

The Beth Din of BJCC handles inquiries regarding the personal halachic (Jewish legal) status of individuals. These include questions relating to the Jewish, kohen, mamzer and unmarried status of individuals according to halacha.


Geirut (Conversion) Protocols And Standards (GPS) Network Of Rabbinical Courts:

Together with the Rabbinical Council of America, the Beth Din of BJCC oversees the Geirus Protocols and Standards (“GPS”) national network of rabbinic courts for conversion. GPS was formed for the purpose of ensuring halachic integrity and uniform standards in the performance of Jewish conversions.

Rabbi Itzhak Yehoshua

Rabbi Itzhak Yehoshua


Rabbi Shushan

Rabbi David Shushan

Beit Din Secretary

Rabbi Baruch Babayev

Rabbi Baruch Babayev


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